Saturday, August 7, 2010

Chapter 17

Curly was waiting to hear Mr. Muckles' voice. He was expecting a congratulations, since he told the story of how he captured the vandal for the site. Of course, it wasn't what really happened, Curly decided to tell his version of the story instead. Mr. Muckle wasn't really impressed, as relieved that there would be no more delays. But, even thought Curly did help catch the vandal, he still warned him that if there were any more delays, he would be fired.

Officer Delinko was sitting in the Captain's office once again, just for a different reason; and a better reason. Delinko was getting a commendation instead of a talk. The Captain also took Delinko off desk duty, and put him back on the street. Before they left his office, he also told him that he was on a surveillance team for watching the Mother Paula's site.

Roy had read on the internet that Burrowing Owls preferred insects to meat. So, Roy went to a store and bought some crickets for the Owls. He got on his bike and rode to the Mother Paula's site. He got right next to the fence, and opened the box. Just then, a truck came up behind him and the angry, bald foreman came out of the truck yelling and screaming. Roy quickly got on his bike and rode away. He imagined he was in Montana, riding up the mountains, and peddling as fast as he could. Going up, and then down the mountains.

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